10 of the Best FREE Zumba Full-Length Video Workouts (Plus Instructional Video)

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My wife loves Zumba, but with our work schedules, she isn’t able to always make it to the classes at the gym. She rounded up some of her favorite full-length Zumba routines that she found on YouTube and offered to share them with you today- including a step-by-step instruction video for some of the moves and even a great video for beginners.
PS – If you are looking to buy any Zumba DVD’s, they have great prices on Amazon!

Guide to Basic Zumba Moves

Zumba for Beginners
50 Minute Latin Dance Workout
30 Minute Zumba Workout
20 Minute Zumba Workout
30 Minute Zumba Workout
40 Minute Zumba Workout
30 Minute Zumba Workout
16 Minute Zumba Class
38 Minute Zumba Workout
28 Minute Zumba Class
22 Minute Zumba Class
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By Jared Beckstrand
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  1. Kristina McD says

    Thank you! I just discovered Zumba and I have tried two of the 30 minute videos so far. They are great!! This is the most fun I have had doing a workout :)

    • says

      So awesome, Kristina! Glad you like them! It always helps to mix things up a bit and try things you wouldn’t otherwise. Thanks for following!

  2. Carol says

    Hi, I tried to watch those zumba videos, but I couldn’t see them at all.
    is there any other link i can try?

  3. Bobbie says

    I am trying to find some Zumba videos and this link was recommended but there are no videos links anymore…I am feeling bummed :(

    • says

      Hi Bobbie!
      Sorry about that! Bad coding during a recent transfer! Should be up and going now! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Please don’t feel bummed anymore!!

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