Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tape Shape Fun

The next few posts will all be about rainy day fun, since it is raining cats and dogs around here.

Materials Needed:
- tape (painter's tape is probably the best, but white tape is fine too)
- floor space

1. Tape several different shapes, letters, numbers on the floor (triangle, square, diamond, rectangle, etc.). I also taped a few of my son's favorite letters (A, T, X).

2. Play the Tape Shape game. Give your child a variety of directions to follow that lead them from shape to shape. Be creative and play along... it's great exercise and a lot of fun! A few suggestions are below... but the possibilities are endless.

"Jump to the square"
"Hop like a frog to the T"

"Slither like a snake to the A"
"Sit on the diamond"
"Move like a dog and bark to the triangle"

"Run to the rectangle"

"Crawl to the X"

"Skip to the rectangle"
"Bounce the ball in the square"

"Act like a monkey and move to the diamond"

Grade: A

We will probably play this again this afternoon. We won't leave the tape on after today though, because we don't want it to make the floor too sticky.

Language Development:
This activity is a great way to practice listening and following directions. You can also gauge what your child understands and doesn't understand based on their reactions to what you say... and whether or not they do what you asked. With younger kids, demonstrate your directions while you say them for the first few times... and then try just saying the directions and see what your child has learned. This activity can help your child practice shapes, letters, and numbers recognition... depending on what you put on the floor.

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  1. Thanks for the idea~ Your website has been a goldmine for me and has really helped me to do more enriching activities with my toddler.


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