Friday, June 14, 2013

Ribbon Dancers

Did I ever show you our Ribbon Dancers?
I made these for Butterfly as one of her Christmas presents this past Christmas, I think I only Instagrammed the photos of them.  I thought I would show you these a little bit closer.

Here are some photos of Butterfly dancing with them, first thing in the morning in her PJs of course :) (Really don't know how children get this energy first thing in the morning.  I'm artificially energized with coffee! hehe)



It looks so pretty, don't you think?


They are really fun too and help put more creativeness and colour in dancing and moving.


So all I did was buy two wooden rings for the handles, and a roll of ribbon of each colour I wanted on them.  You can find these at a crafts store.

Figure out the length you want them to be and double up on each colour by folding the colour in half and then looping them in a knot over the ring.

At the bottoms of the ribbons, I cut a triangle into them and then used clear nail polish to paint the bottoms.  This has kept the ribbons from fraying at the bottom as Butterfly moves these all around.

 Wouldn't these make a beautiful Summer Birthday present?
I love handmade gifts, and these are so simple and fast to make!


  1. This is wonderful! My best friend's little girl would love something like this! On my list to make it for her birthday. I bet my little boy would love it to, but something tells me he'd probably get himself tangled up, ha. Pinned!

  2. What section of the craft store did you find your wooden rings? I have looked at Walmart and Hobby Lobby and can't find them anywhere :(

    1. I actually found my wooden rings at a Waldorf toy store that had a felting craft section. I tried looking on Amazon for you and it seems to be tricky to find. What if you didn't use wooden? I know Michaels has these same sized rings but in styrofoam. What if you used those, you can even wrap ribbon around them?

  3. I saw this idea on pinterest a while ago and decided then that they would be party favours for my dd's 2nd bday next year her little friends will LOVE them! I have a bunch of wooden curtain rings sitting waiting to be smothered in ribbons, just wondering how long do you think your ribbons are?

    1. Mine are long, but I would make yours shorter since it will be for toddlers. Measure the height on your daughter, shorter length is more manageable for the little ones as they are waving them around :)


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