ChargeStand - Portable Charging Stand for Mobile Devices
ChargeStand - Portable Charging Stand for Mobile Devices

The ChargeStand is a new take on portable power solutions. With a 9000 MaH capacity, the ChargeStand can power your cell phone 6-7 times, and your tablet 3-4 times over (can charge any mobile device that can be charged with a USB cable). 

There are many versions of power banks out that (that we carry ourselves). But, what separates this from the pack is the added functionality of the stand. 


Home - You're trying to cook at home and the recipe is on the iPad. Unfortunately, your cable isn't long enough to reach the wall charger while you're kneading the dough on the table. This will both charge your tablet or phone, while holding it up at the angle you want, instead of having to lean over it. 

Travel - Those blasted flights take a long time, or even those car rides. Surprise, most planes still don't have power outlets, and there are only so many cigarette lighters in car, and who wants to fight over that? This not only let's your charge your own device, but also let's you watch your show leisurely instead of trying to find some wacky way of leaning it against something. 

Work - Those work meetings where you're already cranking your necj towards your boss? The meeting is taking too long and your phone is about to die from all the texts you have been sending? This will hold it up, keep you awake and connected, and not get fired. 

School - Tired of trying to look at your tablet and laptop at two different angles whiles studying? Tired of killing your back because you're leaning over the table lying on the flat screen? Yeah. 

Outdoors - Trying to snuggle with your significant other and watch a movie in your tablet. Is it better lying down and holding it above you? Leaning it against the tree - but what do you rest your backs on? What about watching it on the grass? Your shadow is over the screen. This gets it at the perfect angle for you, and you can watch the whole movie without the fear of it dying sooner rather than later.

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We love power banks. They have saved our meetings and conversations at critical times when we have needed an external power source and could not find any. But, one of the shortcomings that we saw with the power banks was that it was just a glorified external battery pack, no matter how slim or sexy it was. 

So, we started thinking and looking for other functionalities that we could tie in with the power bank. 

Testing and Geometry - C's get High School Diplomas

When we first started working with the ChargeStand, we thought that with the right angle and positioning, we could have a light stand that would also double as a battery pack. But, what we realized was that no matter how good our geometry was, there still needed to be sufficient weight at the base/foundation. so, we opted to put in a bigger capacity battery, which also provided the necessary weight to build a solid base. 

It folds up very nicely. The mini-flashlight is a nice added touch. We are going to start with black and silver right now, and expand to providing blue and red ChargeStands in the future. 

Here, you get to see how it holds a phone. Simple enough right? 

Well, the more complicated part came in making sure that it could hold a tablet upright. The picture below is an AutoCAD rendering of it holding an iPad. 

With the fulcrum and bearing, we had to make sure it could turn easily, but also hold the iPad up. We have found that it can do it to a certain degree, but at a certain point, it needs support from the ground, but still props it up at any angle you want, it just has to be resting on something. 

We are trying to see if we can have one more battery pack that has a little les power and is a little lighter, we'll keep you updated!

Our website,, should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. 

Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.6 x 3cm/5.3 x 3.8 x 1.2in(L x W x T)

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