Burn 100 Calories Workout Series: 10 Minute Crossfit At Home Workout

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I have had so much positive response to my Burn 100 Calories Workouts that I am excited to present you with the 5th workout in this series:
Burn 100 Calories Workout: CROSSFIT EDITION!
(If you are looking for another At Home Crossfit Inspired Workout, be sure to check out THIS post.)
Now onto the  10 Minute/ 100 Calories Burned workout:

1 minute Jumping Rope
Need a jump rope to do this? Check out my favorite jump ropes that are super inexpensive HERE!
1 minute Jog In Place 
Push it and go as fast as you can! Pretend that there is a fire under your feet. 
1 minute Vertical Jumps 
Jump as HIGH as you can! Raise your arms above your head if that helps. Use the power from your legs to push you higher.
1 minute Low Squats
Get low!
1 minute Skater Jumps 
Try to jump from side to side as far as you can.
1 minute Jumping Rope
Jump as quickly as you can- go for speed during this minute.
1 minute Burpees
Do as many as you can during this one minute.
1 minute Vertical Jumps
Same move as above.
1 minute Push Ups
If regular push-ups are too hard, feel free to do these on your knees. Even if you have to stop for a little break during this minute, quickly get back and finish. You can do anything for 60 seconds!
1 minute Skater Jumps
Finish strong!
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Make it happen,

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By Jared Beckstrand
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      Thanks Loren!
      Don’t know if you’ve seen our other “Burn 100 Series” workouts, but they’re my go-to’s on my busier days. You can find them under the “Burn 100” title in our “Categories” column on the right. Anything to help!


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