Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes, Burn 100 Series Workout #6, Killer Arm At-Home Workout

The next installment in our popular Burn 100 Series. Burn 100 calories in 10 minutes with these 10 moves! Today’s muscle group of choice – arms. Tone ’em up by burning ’em off!

1 minute of Burpees
A Tone-and-Tighten favorite! Get the blood flowing with a total-body burpee.
1 minute Triceps Dips
Who doesn’t love a good triceps burn?!
1 minute “Boxers”
One of my favorites- channel your internal Rocky Balboa and throw alternating punches (also great for the torso!)
alternating punch
1 minute Overhead Claps
Surprisingly difficult (seriously- don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!)
Stand and stretch your arms strait out to the side with your palms up. Keeping your elbows straight, clap your hands above you head. Return to the starting position.
Knock out as many as you can in one minute.
1 minute Push-Ups
A T&T staple- I love push ups! Do modified push-ups on your knees if needed to get through the full minute.

1 minute Biceps Curls
Dumbbell, backpack, heavy book, large soup can… find some resistance and curl that bad boy!
biceps curls
1 minute Military Press
Find some resistance (see biceps curls above) and push it over your head. Killer for toned shoulders!
military press
1 minute Back Plank
Like your triceps didn’t already hate you! Hold this static position as long as you can up to a minute. Also great for your butt and low back!
back plank
1 minute Lateral  Deltoid Raises
Raise your weights (again, whatever resistance you may have found) out laterally to the side.
lateral deltoid raise
1 minute Up Down Plank 
Finish strong with some up down planks… a plank starting on your elbows, up on to your hands, and then back down again.
 up down plank
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Make it happen,
By Jared Beckstrand
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