Abs, Butt and Thigh HIIT Cardio Workout – Bodyweight Cardio Interval Workout


Get more from Tone and Tighten by following on Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! All your favorite areas in one amazing workout! This one's truly got it all! High intensity cardio intervals that target your abs, butt, and thighs! Best part is they're all bodyweight-only exercises! No equipment required as you tone and tighten your core in 15 fun-loving minutes! Ready for this one? Here we go!! Continue Reading

5 of the best advanced at-home workouts

best at home advanced workouts tone and tighten

Be sure to follow on Pinterest, Google +, and Facebook for more workouts and fitness ideas! How far do you want to take your results? Hey everyone! I am totally and completely stoked to be able to introduce you to my newest ebook - Tone and Tighten's 8-week "Advanced Fitness Plan"!! This is the follow-up to the most-popular ebook on our site - the 8-week "Beginner's Workout Plan". We're taking things up a level with this one and pushing things further than we did with the beginner book. I wrote this in response to your requests for "the next step". I got a number of emails from T&T readers expressing how pleased they were with their progress from the beginner book and wanting "something more". You got it! Today I'm sharing a little more about this ebook as well as a sample of 5 great at-home workouts that you'll find contained in its pages. Here we go! Continue Reading

At Home Cardio and Core Weekly Workout Plan

at home cardio and core weekly workout plan

Get workouts, recipes, tips, and motivation right to your email inbox! Subscribe to Tone and Tighten using the black bar at the top of this page! Shred through weight with cardio - tone things up with resistance training. Hey everyone! And welcome to another week! With it come new challenges, new opportunities, and (of course) a new workout plan here on Tone and Tighten! Every Monday I post 5 (sometimes more) workouts for you to do this week as part or a "Weekly Workout Plan". These plans offer so much benefit - they give some great ideas to people who don't know where to start; they give some instruction to those who aren't sure how to begin, and they give great variety to those who might already know what they're doing but desire to take things to the next level! This week's "Weekly Workout Plan" comes via cold February weather. Lots of people think if they can't get outside to run and don't have a gym membership then there's no way they can workout. NOT SO! This week we're shredding through some awesome at-home cardio workouts and supplementing them with some amazing core shredders to carve out your midsection. I've got three at-home cardio workouts listed below; we'll intermix those with 3 days of core workouts as well. Intrigued? I thought you might be. Ready to rock? Yeah... me too! Continue Reading

How To Get More Steps for your FitBit – 10 tips to help!

How To Get More Steps Each Day on Tone-and-Tighten

  Like many of you, my wife and I LOVE our FitBits. I gave one to my wife last year for Mother's Day and she has not stopped walking since! Some of her sisters also got FitBits and they usually have a competition going on to see who can get the most steps in a day or even the most steps in a week. Observing all the crazy things that she does to get more steps got me thinking . . . I bet that there are many of you on-board with this FitBit craze and would be interested in learning ways to sneak in more steps to your day! Without further adieu, here are some ideas to help get you more steps each day: Continue Reading

The Best Healthy Family Recipes From The All The Best Blogs

best healthy family recipes from all the best blogs tone and tighten

Weekly highlights, new giveaways, and BONUS workouts! Subscribe to our email list by using the box at the top of this page. This may very well be the best recipe compilation of all time. Recently I had the honor of attending a huge blog conference here in Salt Lake City, the Build Your Blog Conference. Over 700 bloggers converged to share their knowledge, learn, network, and make friendships. One of the perks of attending this conference was that we were all added to a group on Facebook where we could continue sharing with and learning from each other. The other day I asked this group a simple favor - "would you mind sharing a healthy, family-friendly recipe on Tone and Tighten?" The response was ASTOUNDING! Thinking I would get maybe a couple dozen responses I actually received over 100 recipes from over 50 of these incredibly talented individuals. That being said, today on Tone and Tighten I'm sharing "100 Family-Friendly Healthy Meals From All Your Favorite Bloggers"!! Clicking the links below (either the pics or the caption below the picture) will take you to the recipe found on each blog. So click around! You're bound to find some blogs that you never knew existed but always secretly hoped for! Continue Reading

Whole Wheat Pita Chicken Alfredo Pizza

whole wheat pita chicken alfredo pizza

Workouts, recipes, motivation, tips, and advice all right to your inbox! Subscribe to Tone-and-Tighten.com using the black bar up at the top of the page. Incredibly simple, super fresh, and the kiddos will TAKE IT DOWN! Are you as big a fan of grilled food as we are?! I love grilling chicken, dicing it up, and using it in everything! From salads to quesadillas; sandwiches to wrap - there's not a lot that can't be made better with a little extra grilled chicken! Case in point - these Pita Chicken Alfredo Pizzas are UH-MAZING! They literally take 10 minutes to make (assuming your chicken is cooked already), taste phenomenal, and are an instant hit with the kiddos (my kids love helping me make them!)! You're going to want to bookmark this one... Continue Reading

Awesome Gym Leg Workout Without Squats

leg circuit gym workout without squats tone and tighten

Got social media?? Follow T&T on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! The other day my wife came home from the gym a little down. I asked her "how was your workout" to which she replied frustratedly that all the squat racks were being taken and she didn't feel like leg day was as effective as it could have been. You ever been there before?! You've got the perfect workout all dialed up only to have it completely derailed when you show up by lack of equipment and too many people. That being said - today's workout is for my wife the next time she finds herself in the gym on leg day without a squat rack to be seen! Here's a killer circuit workout to carve your legs, butt, and hips: Continue Reading

10 of the best dumbbell exercises to tone your arms

best arm exercises with dumbbells weights tone and tighten

Workouts, recipes, motivation, tips, and advice all right to your inbox! Subscribe to Tone-and-Tighten.com using the black bar up at the top of the page. Grab your dumbbells - let's go to work! I love free weights. They're small, they're heavy, and there's a TON of different exercises you can do with them to tone and tighten your entire body! Today I wanted to share 10 of the very best dumbbell exercises to add strength and definition to your upper extremities. Depending on how strong you are you'll need anywhere from about 5-20 pound dumbbells for this one. Enjoy! Continue Reading