4 Of The Best Exercises To Flatten Your Stomach – Ab Toning Workout

4 moves to flatten your stomach tone abs muscles tone and tighten

Be sure to follow on Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, and Facebook for more workouts and fitness ideas! Don't have the time for a flat stomach? Think again! Many people don't realize it, but it doesn't take hours of grueling work to get a flat, toned stomach. In just 4 moves a day, 4 days a week, you can carve out some major definition and actually lose "excess" around your midsection. Check out these 4 killer exercises for a toned and tight stomach... Continue Reading

Fitness Motivation – The hardest thing about exercising

fitness motivation the hardest thing about exercising is to start tone and tighten

Follow Tone and Tighten on Google + for even more great workouts, motivation, and wellness advice! "I don't have the time." "I'm not too sure where to start." "I don't have the right equipment." "I need a gym membership first." And the list goes on, and on, and on. There will always be a million reasons telling you not to work out. There will always be things that come up that can potentially get in the way and knock you off course. How do you really ever exercise? What's the best way to get into a routine you can stick with? If I can offer you one piece of advice as you disembark on any new fitness endeavor... The first step is always the hardest. Continue Reading

Dumbbell and Cardio Workout – A Real Calorie Burner!

bumbbell circuit workout with cardio intervals tone and tighten

Weekly highlights, new giveaways, and BONUS workouts! Subscribe to our email list by using the box at the top of this page. Increase your cardio results with strength training. Increase your strength training results with cardio. I'm a big fan of strength training. I love the way your muscles feel tight and strong after working them out. I'm a fan of cardio training. I love the way your body feel rejuvenated and alive after a good run or cardio workout. So why not combine the two of them?! Today's workout features some of my favorite total-body dumbbell strength training exercises interspersed with some cardio as well. Tone up and slim down - all in one workout! Continue Reading

Healthy Pita Bread Pizza

Healthy Pita Bread Pizza on Tone-and-Tighten

Eating healthy doesn't have to be rocket science . . . in fact, chances are that you will eat healthier if you keep it simple. One of my favorite lunches and/or dinners is to make a pita pizza. I pick up pita bread from the grocery store (whole wheat if they have it), add sauce (either marinara or alfredo sauce) and then load it with vegetables. There are a million variations, but this Mushroom Spinach Alfredo combo is my favorite! Do you have a favorite healthy pizza recipe? I would love to have you share it in the comments below! Continue Reading

5 Awesome Core Workouts To Increase Strength And Muscle Definition


Our Weekly Workout Plans feature just a few of my many workouts on Tone and Tighten Click here to see them all! Because sometimes you just need a great ab week!! The "core" of your body is defined as your abs, obliques, spine, and hips. These areas and the muscles therein literally make up the "core" of where most of our movement comes from. That, and it's awesome to look totally shredded at the beach or fit into your goal jeans! For our "Weekly Workout Plan" this week I'm sharing 5 of my favorite core exercises to increase core strength and sculpt out an incredible midsection. Do all 5 of them this week and remember me every time you cough, sneeze, or laugh. You're welcome. ;) Continue Reading

How to lose weight – The one secret you need to drop pounds NOW!

how to lose weight the healthy way from tone and tighten

Got social media?? Follow T&T on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! The one question that I get asked the most often here on Tone-and-Tighten.com is "How do I lose weight?". This question is so prominent that there is a multibillion dollar industry centered around answering it. Think about it – from fad diets to weight-loss pills; from at home exercise equipment to DVD series – people spend millions upon millions of dollars trying to accomplish this one feat. So how do you lose weight? Today I am sharing the secret that will guaranteed 100%, no-questions-asked, no-doubt–about–it, help you to lose weight! Unlike other fads, gimmicks, and products on the market which may or may not be effective, this method will work 100% of the time for 100% of people who put in the right amount of work. Interested? Good… Keep reading. Continue Reading

Total Arm Workout With Resistance Band


Got social media?? Follow T&T on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter! I am all about working out with resistance bands. Super light, super portable, and super versatile; I am constantly giving out resistance bands to my physical therapy patients to strengthen muscles during their rehabilitation. However, these bands certainly aren't just for rehab! Today on Tone and Tighten – I am sharing 6 of my favorite resistance band moves to strengthen and tone your arms. You ready for this one? Grab your band and let's get to it: Continue Reading

Grilled BBQ Pork Salad Recipe

grilled BBQ barbecue pork salad healthy recipe tone and tighten

Looking for more great healthy recipes? Click here to be taken to T&T's Recipe Index! Totally crushed it with this recipe! It was one of those nights. I was late getting out of the clinic as everyone wanted to tell me about all their aches and pains in detail. My wife had been stuck in meetings all day that ended up taking a lot longer than she had anticipated. We ended up calling each other at the same time on the drive home from work and asking one another "what's for dinner?" (you've never been there before, right?!). As she was going to pick up our kiddos that left me in charge of the grub. As I walked aimlessly up and down the aisles of the grocery store seeking revelation, the heavens parted and the grocery gods smiled down on me . . . pork was way on sale! Alright . . . pork; so now just the question of what to do with it?! It was then that I remembered we had made up some of our Homemade BBQ Sauce the week before and still had just enough left over. Revelation received, and I headed over to the produce section. The result of that night was a phenomenal "Grilled BBQ Pork Salad", and you're the lucky beneficiary today! Check out the recipe and keep it in mind the next time you're faced with the question... "what's for dinner??" Continue Reading

Fitness Motivation – How to change your health and fitness level

fitness motivation exercise inspiration how to make a change

Weekly highlights, new giveaways, and BONUS workouts! Subscribe to our email list by using the box at the top of this page. Oftentimes we fix our focus on the past. The happy memories, the unhappy memories, the good times, and the bad. I believe that (unfortunately) this focus often becomes fixated on missed opportunities and things left undone. Speaking in terms of health and fitness – it's the workout that you missed; the extra dessert you ate; or five extra pounds you've recently gained. We become so obsessed with the past that we often neglect to do anything about our present. "Why bother" and "I've already tried" are words that start to permeate our vocabulary. We become disillusioned, frustrated, and ultimately hopeless.  So what do we do? How do we overcome this attitude, keep progressing forward, and ultimately achieve our fitness goals? I've got the answer below... Continue Reading

Quick Gym Leg Machine Circuit Workout

best leg machine gym circuit workout tone and tighten

Follow Tone and Tighten and all your favorite blogs with Bloglovin My favorite "short on time" leg circuit workout! Ever have those times when you're like - "If I could just get in one more quick circuit" or "10 minutes... what can I do in 10 minutes..."? Well, wonder no more, my friends! Today I'm sharing 4 of my favorite leg exercises on three of my favorite leg machines; perfect for a quick leg burner or even for an after-workout bonus circuit for those days you're feeling really good! The video below shows you how to properly adjust the machines, gives advice about what weight you should use, and shows you how to perform the lift. Check it out - shapely, strong legs in no time with this one! Continue Reading